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What’s in My Rucksack

I’m not a veteran traveller, I do travel a bit, but all of it is around Scotland, from Glasgow to Aberdeen to Peebles. I do however carry a rucksack that would allow me to spend some time in a place if I was delayed or had to get somewhere quick. The rucksack itself is from, no surprise if you know me Amazon as is most of the items in it. It’s the AmazonBasics Classic Backpack in red, I love the look of it and how plain it seems.

*** Some of the links below are affiliate links, which may pay me a commission for recommending the item. ***

  • AmazonBasics Classic Backpack in Red (Amazon Link)
  • A paper notebook, for taking notes or drawing sketches
  • iPad (2017 Edition) for like the above, but also for so much more stored in an ESR Folio Case (Case Amazon Link)
  • Pens: Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen for writing (Amazon Link), Sharpie dual marker for marking things (Amazon Link), Adonit Jot Pro Stylus for use with the iPad (Amazon Link)
  • Aukey 30W/6A 3 USB Port Charger for charging my iPad, iPhone or battery bank or anything else that charges via USB on the go (Amazon Link)
  • Aukey 20,000 mAh USB Power Bank, for use charging, when not near mains power (Amazon Link)
  • Cable / Accessories Organizer for storing cables, earphones, USB Drives, and other small bits and bobs (Amazon Link)
  • Bluetooth Earphones, these were the cheapest available with Amazon Prime that featured Bluetooth 4.1 and charged via micro USB (Amazon Link)
  • AmazonBasics Lightning Cable x2 for charging my iPad, iPhone or AirPods (Amazon Link)
  • Anker Micro USB Cable x3 for charging anything that may need to be charged via micro USB (Amazon Link)
  • Anker Micro USB to USB Type-C Adaptor (Amazon Link) & AmazonBasics Micro USB to Lightning Adaptor (Amazon Link)
  • Apple Watch Charging Cable for charging my Apple Watch
  • 32GB USB Flash Drive, for transferring documents on the go (Amazon Link)
  • 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card and Micro SD – SD Card Adaptor (Amazon Link)

That is pretty much the contents of my daily carry rucksack, sometimes additional items are added if I am for example heading to a meeting etc.

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