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The Struggles To Find A Bluetooth Keyboard

Well I say struggles, that’s isn’t 100% true. I did find after spending a few hours searching a couple of places that did sell a Bluetooth keyboard, the only problem was the price of them. People do pay for convenience but this was taking it a bit far. One of the 3 keyboards I did find is available on Amazon for a tenner the shop selling it was asking for 20 quid, really who in their right mind would pay 20 quid for a generic / no name Bluetooth keyboard. Not me anyway.

So I had a brain wave, while I was on holiday the last time I had ordered something from Amazon and got it delivered to a collection point at the local post office. So I had a look and found a Bluetooth keyboard for £7 on Amazon with Prime delivery, I added it to my basket and proceeded to checkout, for the delivery address again it let me choose an Amazon Locker, so I used the GPS on my phone to pick one that was nearby as I had absolutely no clue which shops  would offer this service. And there I had it, guaranteed delivery the next day, I went on with my business, went to bed, woke up and had some stuff to do, then low and behold I got both a text and an email from Amazon telling me that my package was ready to collect from the Amazon Locker, I took a walk down to where the Lockers were, scanned the barcode that Amazon has sent in their email, the small orange door of the locker swung open and there it was, my new Bluetooth keyboard, for 13 quid cheaper than the cheapest one from the high street shops. All that was left for me to do was pop down to the pound shop and pick up a packed of batteries.

So the life lesson from this is either to bring everything you need, or use my life hack and get it from Amazon and get them to deliver it to a Locker near you.

And here’s the selling bit, sign up for a free trail of Amazon Prime: