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December Update – Callum’s Health and Fitness

December seems to be under. Just yesterday it felt like it was the summer. Now we are in the double digits of December. With Christmas only a couple of weeks away. My biggest problem around this time of the year is Mince Pies, not the meat type, the Festive ones. They are just so sweet and delicious. And in moderation perfectly good as a treat. However, in the past I usually can’t stop at 1… 2… sometimes it takes 3 to fill the gap. However, this year since I’m now following the Weight Watchers plan they are sadly high in points. So I will have to be careful with how any I indulge in.

The plan is going well. In the first week of me following I lost 5 lbs. and in the past week, I maintained my weight. So in the past two weeks, I’ve lost 5 lbs. With my goals being to lose 2 lbs a week it’s fine that I never lost anything in the past week.