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Pretty much I’ve been wanting to lose wait for a few years now. I never was a normal size child. Well, I was until the age of about 8. Everyone in the family would just say “aw it’s just puppy fat, you’ll soon lose it”. And to be fair I did lose a little. What I did have to my advantage was that I was taller than everyone else. And my feet were massive. This kinda camouflaged the fact that I was also heavier than pretty much everyone else my age. Even now at 6ft 3in, I don’t feel massive, considering I’m 18 and a half stone. The goal weight for me is supposed to be between 11 and 14st. But I’m not looking at it that way. At the minute I feel that if I were to lose say 6 and a half stone to be 12st I would be far to thin. There are too many tall thin people. There need to be more tall people with a little bit more meat on their bones. Not fat, but enough to so that if you get stuck in the North Pole you’ll probably stay warmer for a few minutes more.

I’ve tried lots of different diets, and to be fair none of them have really worked in my situation. You hear all these success stories of people losing x amount of stone by doing this. Nothing worked for me. Tracking my meals using an app, I love this idea. Especially if it would output all the nutritional information to third party apps etc, but the big problem I had was forgetting to log something, or thinking I can’t be bothered, I’ll log it later, then you forget what you ate. Even with the push notifications turned on, after you get them a few times you really just start to ignore them, to be honest.

Just over a week ago (last Tuesday, 24th November 2015) I said to myself enough was enough. I had spent the week before this weighing up the pros and cons of the different diet plans that had face to face meetings. I narrowed it down to 3: Weight Watchers, Scottish Slimmers and Slimming World, the later as I picked up their magazine cheap in Costco. The one I felt would be the easiest to follow would be Weight Watchers. So I checked their website, found the time of their meeting and where it was and went. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have all these ideas of ‘Fat Fighters’ as it was dubbed in Little Britain (YouTube Clip), but it really wasn’t, well similar but different. I went in, said I was new, filled in my details on a record card, then joined the line to get weight (I really wanted it to be like Fat Fighters where you would get weighed in front of everyone, then get shouted at for being fat, but probably most people couldn’t handle that emotional). Once I was weighed I had a seat in the circle where the meeting would go down. Once everyone was weighted the meeting started it took about 15 minutes and people spoke about what changes they had noticed in their life. After the meeting ended I had a quick chat with the group leader and they welcomed me to the group and explained how the plan worked.

The main reason I went with Weight Watchers was the fact that you can eat whatever you want, as long as you track the point value of what you’ve eaten. Since I a big guy my point allowance is massive (59 points a day with an extra 49 per week, for example, a slice of bread 1 point (depending on the bread)).