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Apple AirPods Mini Review

OMG!! The new Apple AirPods are pretty neat!

When the Apple AirPods were launched back at their September 2016 Press Event, with a view to ship them by late October, however it did take them until mid December for them to finally hit the Apple Store, I knew I was probably going to order them. They were going to be Apple’s first venture in the Bluetooth audio earphones, (although they do own Beats), but not their first venture into Bluetooth headset. Yes back in 2007 Apple did in fact release a Bluetooth Headset, although it has now been discontinued, but can still be bought at a premium on eBay etc. Apple Insider did a full review about it nearly 10 years ago – ‘Review: Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset – Apple Insider‘.

Apple Bluetooth Headset Screenshot

Apple Bluetooth Headset Screenshot from Apple Store via Wayback Machine

When the AirPods hit the Apple Store I instantly ordered them, and then the wait started…

When they arrived, right away I opened them and unlocked my phone using TouchID and flicked open the cap of the charging case, next minute BOOM! the AirPods were connected… just… like… magic. No need to open the bluetooth menu and have to hold some button for sometime for it to start syncing then having to repeat this with every single device I wanted to use the device with. Not any more, thanks to iCloud my AirPods are now pre synced with my Macs, iPad and Apple Watch, next time I want to use them I just need to flick the case open and tap on the AirPods in the bluetooth menu, no time wasted waiting on them to pair etc.

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I’ve spent the last few weeks with my AirPods in my ears pretty much every single day, and I must say they are now my go to earphones. I’ve used them to listen to podcasts when I’m out walking, listened to all genres of music from Apple Music and Spotify and it doesn’t matter what the genre is the music still sounds pretty sweet, I’m no way an audiophile but to me the sound reproduction is fantastic. Every night I used them to watch tv on my iPhone either from Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, my current recommendations are ‘Black Mirror’ for Netflix and ‘Parks and Recreation’ on Amazon Instant Video.

I’m guessing my ears must be pretty standard as the AirPods stay in, but saying that I’ve never had any problems with the Apple’s wired EarBuds or EarPods falling out. I’ve gathered from most of the reviews I read this doesn’t seem to be a problem from many people, I guessing its since the AirPods don’t have the wire to plg it in causing extra weight pulling the EarBuds out.

Again the sweet part is Apple’s new W1 chip, which allows the AirPods to instantly connect no matter what. Once they have connected you get this pretty cool window pop up on the bottom of the device to show the battery life of the AirPods
and the charging case. And while the AirPods and case are connected to
the device the battery status can also be viewed in the Battery widget on the Today View in the Notification Centre. The AirPods hold according to Apple 5 hours of battery life, and I’ve never had an issue with them dying on me, thanks to them being on the battery widget.

AirPods Battery Screen Pop Up iPhone 7 Plus Screenshot Battery Widget iOS Notification Centre iPhone 7 Plus Screenshot

The Charging Case its self as name suggests charges the AirPods while they are in it. The case charges via a lighting cable and can hold enough power to charge the AirPods a good few times. In the few weeks I’ve owned my AirPods and using them every day I’ve only had to charge my case 3 or 4 times. The case also features a button on the rear which it turns out is a pairing button to allow you to pair the AirPods with the AppleTV for example or non Apple products.