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An Average Day

An average day for me really depends on if I am working, have any meetings or is just a normal day. Like most people I start my day by waking up, once I’m awake I check my phone, just to make sure I’ve not missed something important during the night. After that, I’ll get up head to the toilet to freshen up and get dressed. I’ll then head through to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat. Once I’ve had food I start to function better, some people run on coffee, I run on food. It’s now time for me to handle some emails that I have received overnight, as well as any messages on social media that may have also come it. Now it’s down to get things done, it may be tidying up the office or working on something in the garden. During this time, I’ve usually had some lunch, sometimes I forget and plough straight through until dinner. After all the work that needs doing has been done I’ll usually start working on some dinner, nothing fancy, just something hearty and nutritious. In the evening I’ll usually head out for a walk with the pups, then sit back and watch some TV, Netflix or YouTube. And that is pretty much it, my average day if I have no meetings and not working.

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