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5 Favourite Podcasts

As most of you will know I love Technology, anything technology related and I’m there, be it a new blog, new product or new podcast. I love me some Podcasts, I try to listen to them whenever I’m doing something that means I can’t read walk somewhere or working away in the garden. I’ve tried several Podcast apps on my devices, the main one I use is Pocket Cast, it is my opinion one of the best podcast apps that are available on the market. I love it that much I have paid the $9 (£8.40) just so I can use Pocket Casts to listen to podcasts via a web browser, as well as the app on my iPhone and iPad. Not only do I love podcasts to do with technology, I also love podcasts about making things, mostly wood related as well as a few other genres of podcasts. My top 5 are below. – TWiT is a technology netcast network that streams over 20 hours of live content on the web every week, not only do they stream live they also make all their shows available as a Podcast a few hours after the live show wraps up. I may not be recommending a single podcast, but if you like technology TWiT most likely has a podcast for you. A few TWiT podcasts that I listen to are This Week in Tech, a weekly roundtable show discussing the tech news stories from the past week. MacBreak Weekly, the show for all the latest news, tips, tricks and software for you faithful Mac, the show also talks about most things Apple related.

Scotland Outdoors – This is a must to listen to if you love the Scottish countryside. The show has a great fluid running and the presenting is top notch.

Making It – This podcast is all about making things, I’m pretty sure the title gave it away. The show is hosted by three YouTube makers Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto, the three of them are all makers who make for a living, each week they discuss what they have been up to, and also discuss all things maker related.

Mac Power Users – Mac Power Users is a show all Mac related, with tips and tricks and software recommendations to use your Mac as a power user.

FroKnowsPhoto Photography Podcasts – FroKnowsPhoto is a photography YouTube channel which also has a couple of Podcasts that you can listen to like RAWtalk where the FroKnowsPhoto team discuss the latest goings on in the Photography world.

There are also lots of other podcasts that I listen to, but the ones I listen to faithfully are the ones that are above. What’s your favourite podcast, let me know by tweeting me @aboutCallum using the hashtag #aboutCallumFavePodcast.

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