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20 Facts about Callum

Here are some facts you may or may not already know about me:

  1. I was born on the 3rd January, however, I was meant to be born on St. Patrick’s Day (17th March) but was born 10 weeks premature.
  2. I have a not too shabby collection of Apple iPhone devices.
  3. Netflix is one of the best inventions since sliced bread, although owning a knife and having to slice your own is that hard.
  4. If I had mined/purchased Bitcoin when I first read/heard about it for $20 (roughly £14.25 in today’s money) would have enabled me to own about 95 Bitcoins, which at the latest peak of Bitcoin (just shy of £15,000 per Bitcoin) would have meant that I would have had around £1,425,000, yeah that’s sad 1.4 MILLION QUID, in today’s Bitcoin value (just over £6,000) I would have £570,000, not to shabby, but really annoying that I wasn’t an early adopter.
  5. Up until the age of about 12 I couldn’t tie shoelaces, I could tie a number of other knots, but for some reason shoelaces, really had me troubled.
  6. I have a pretty extensive collection of hats and caps, which I may even dedicate a page to on the blog, who knows.
  7. I left school at the age of 16, to then return to one of the school buildings to work in the sports centre.
  8. I have a passion for wood craft and am currently building my own workshop.
  9. Most evenings to help me go to sleep I browse Pinterest (@aboutcallum) for around 30 minutes.
  10. Every night I listen to the radio, it’s always strange when you’re working away outside in the garden or workshop and you somehow know the all the words to a song.
  11. I always wear shorts, apart from when at work I need to wear trousers as part of the uniform, not managed to convince the company to implement shorts as part of the uniform or when I need to attend funerals, but all the time outside these two.
  12. Even although I have built a number of Windows-based computers I still have a huge passion for Apple Hardware and Software and use a Mac on a daily basis.
  13. I also have a collection of Raspberry Pi microcomputers and have purchased nearly everyone when they launch.
  14. I am really trying to move a digital-only world, reducing the amount of paper I use and the number of trees that are cut down, saving the planet one sheet at a time.
  15. Following on the theme of number 14, I had the following as my email signature for a number of years “think green… before printing this email”.
  16. I missed out on having the domain, as when I first registered my domain, I had no idea of the desire to own a .com since I have found out I have always been upset I missed out.
  17. Again following on from number 16, when I found out there was going to be .scot domain extension launched, I thought I had used a domain registrar to preorder some pretty neat domains,,,, only for the registrar to not email me to allow me to buy them when they launched, and to then find out like my .com domain that had been registered by others.
  18. I have owned an Apple Watch since it launched in 2015 and love having the fitness tracking and notifications on my wrist.
  19. I have also owned a Fitbit One since 2012 and have walk more than 5772 miles as of 28 July 2017 and even climbed more than 125 floors in a day.
  20. I have spent the last 90 minutes trying to come up with these facts, bearing in mind I was watching Still Game on Netflix at the same time, who said men can’t multitask.

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