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Holiday Time!!

Its that yearly time again where I have to pack to go on holiday. The only problem is that I either over pack and take far too much stuff. Or totally under pack and forget about everything. This time I’ve tried to pack light, but still try and take everything I need for the week away.

By travelling light I have one laptop rucksack and a 30 litre holdall. In the rucksack I’ve managed to pack all me tech, Retina MacBook Pro, iPad Air, 2 cameras, 5 lenses, Apple TV, and all the Chargers and cables I’ll need for all the aforementioned stuff.

In the holdall its pretty much clothes. Pretty much my plan for the week is to knuckle down and focus on my studying of the Swift programming language from Apple, and hopefully develope a couple of basic iOS apps. I also planning a couple of day hikes to take some photos for my photo wall.

I probally post here maybe once or twice while I’ll be away. And probally tweeting over on Twitter: @aboutCallum.