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Today’s review will be on the AmazonBasic Sling Backpack. I normally carry the LowePro Fastpak 250 which is large enough to carry most of my gear when out on a shoot, but I have noticed that it is rather large for what it carries.

So I decided to buy a small sling style backpack. I was browsing through Amazon and came across the LowePro SlingShot 102AW and although that is a good backpack for the price (£47.40) and the reviews give it 4.6 stars with 73 reviews it was a sure winner for me. It ticked all the boxes:

  • Smaller than my current pack – ☑
  • Enough room to carry my DSLR and multiple lenses – ☑
  • Lightweight – ☑
  • Tripod / Monopod carrying point – ☑
  • A place to store an iPad (if required) – ☑

But then I scrolled back up to order the LowePro after reading the reviews on Amazon, and then noticed the AmazonBasic Sling Backpack.

The Sling Backpack is part of the AmazonBasic range which also includes HDMI cables and even Amazon brand batteries.

After noticing the AmazonBasic Sling, I had to start thinking what one would be better for my needs. Both the Amazon and the LowePro packs met all my needs, so it then came down to the reviews to see if I could pick a winner. As mentioned the LowePro received 4.6 stars from 73 reviews but the AmazonBasic Sling only received 4 stars from 69 reviews. So I had to have another think – long and hard. And then compared the prices the LowePro was £47.40 but the AmazonBasic was only £19.99, which meant that it was only 42% of the price of the LowePro. This was a big bonus for me as everything else was identical it had to come down to the price.

Due to the above factors, I opted for the AmazonBasic Sling Backpack. The bag arrived today (Tuesday – 14th May 2012) in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging and was also delivered by UPS. Once I opened the box carefully so I wouldn’t damage the bag and removed it from the plastic wrapping; it looked like any other bag – Black with lots of zips, pockets and straps.

Firstly I opened the large main compartment and noticed right away the bright orange lining and the movable dividers that most of the common bags now have. It houses a DSLR (and attached lens), a telephoto lens, standard zoom lens or a fixed prime and a flashgun. There is also 2 memory card slots on the inside of the zip flap. The next compartment is on the top of the pack, with a net pouch attached to the inside of the compartment. This section is large enough to hold multiple camera accessories or even another DSLR body if need be.

Secondly, the bag also has a strap to hold a tripod or monopod which works in conjunction with a small pocket that comes out a small zip at the bottom of the bag.

Due to small nature of the bag, there is not dedicated laptop/tablet storage, but I have worked out that if I need my iPad alongside me when shooting, I could always store it in the main compartment on top of the movable division system.

Overall the AmazonBasic Sling Backpack is made of high-quality material and Amazon also includes a 1-year warranty alongside the product.

The Pros:

  • Small and lightweight.
  • Large enough to carry a DSLR, 3 Lens and a Flash & Accessories.
  • Fully customization inner and Sling style strap.
  • Tripod / Monopod carrying strap.
  • Available to be delivered by Amazon Prime.

The Cons:

  • No waterproof cover (Unlike the LowePro SlingShot, but an additional one can be purchased from Amazon at the same time).
  • No dedicated Laptop / Tablet storage.

Overall I must give this bag a Buy if you need a small dedicated sling-style pack.

AmazonBasic Sling Backpack – Available from Amazon

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LowePro Slingshot 102AW – Available from Amazon