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There are hundreds of accessories that a Photographer could own, but this will cost you a small fortune to buy them all. Here is a round-up of the top 5 accessories that you, a Photographer should own.

Rocket Air Blower

First up is the Rocket Air Blower, these are invaluable accessories as they can blow the dust of the elements of your lens or if used carefully, remove loose dirt on your sensor. These can be picked up on Amazon for around £9.00.

Lens Pen

These, when used in conjunction with the Rocket Air Blower, make the best mobile cleaning kit for your photography equipment. The pens are double ended, one end houses a retractable brush and the other had a small pad, one triangle, & one circle, these have small particles of graphite one them for the dust and dirt to attract to. Again these are on Amazon for £4.97.

Hot Shoe Level

If you are interested in taking your landscape photography to a new direction a Hot Shoe Level is a must, this will ensure that your tripod is set to level and your camera angle is good, which will mean less time to sort this out in post. These can be picked up for a couple of quid from eBay.

Spare Lens Caps

I have forgotten the amount of times I’ll be out shooting in the field and try and find my lens cap only to be confronted me not zipping up my pocket and it has fallen out somewhere on the trail I have been trekking. I recommend that you don’t buy the branded lens caps for £10 when these can be found on eBay for around £1 each. And since I have lost a number of them the saving to my pocket is quite large.

Off Sync Flash Cable

If you have had a speed light for some time and have been shooting from directly on top the camera, only to achieve flat and unflattering light on your subjects face. The best way to solve this without spending money on remote triggers is to buy an Off-Camera Flash Sync Cable.  It is best to buy a cable around 10 meters as more cable is better than not enough. These again can be picked up on Amazon for around £15.

These are just a small selection of the accessories that you can purchase as a photographer. And anything that can make your life easier is well worth the money.

Rocket Air Blower – Amazon Link

Lens Pen – Amazon Link

Hot Shoe Level – eBay Link

Spare Lens Caps – eBay Link

10M Off-Camera Flash Cable – Amazon Link